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Some kind words about our debut EP from the lovely people at Punktastic.com. The love and support has been amazing, we can't thank you all enough. 

The Family - 'Welcome To The Family'

Sheffield rockers The Family welcome us into their world of killer riffs and resonating vocals with debut EP 'Welcome To The Family'. Formed by former members of hardcore outfit Dead Harts, The Family step away from their past into a brand new, more melodic sound. What's abundantly clear from the

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The first review for our forthcoming EP, 'Welcome to The Family', is in, check it out!!

The Family - "Welcome To The Family" [EP] [Album Review]

Formed from the ashes of UKHC band Dead Harts, The Family are a completely different beast altogether. Be prepared as well because, judging by the four tracks on their debut EP, Welcome To The Family, there is going to be more than a ripple of surprise across a scene that is more used to seeing frontman Mathew Baxendale and his bandmates flailing around the stage to a blur of chaotic hardcore.